Post #3: School’s Out! For Real This Time! (6/21/17) *this post contains language that is NSFW

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve logged on here. Well, if I’m being realistic, I’ve logged on quite a bit, but I’ve yet to actually publish a post for a while. I keep starting entries and not finishing them, or finishing them and not publishing them. After re-reading them, I’ve found I often decided they just weren’t interesting or helpful, and I just wasn’t nuts about them. But now my head feels clearer because I’m officially finished with classes until the fall. The past few days I’ve been relaxing, trying to find another job, but relaxing as well. However, about less than a week ago, I was anything but relaxed. In fact I felt more stressed than I had been in a few months. The reason for this stress? It can be boiled down to one simple phrase : car trouble. Continue reading “Post #3: School’s Out! For Real This Time! (6/21/17) *this post contains language that is NSFW”


Post #2: School’s Out! (4/28/17)

That’s right everyone, I am finished with school. At least, this semester of it. During the summer I have a few weeks of a summer course in May, but that shouldn’t be so bad. It’s an 8 A.M. which I, for the most part, swore off. But since it’s the only class I’ll be taking (along with the lab) I don’t think it should be too bad. It frees up Tuesday and Thursday completely during fall semester next year, which should allow me some study/work time. Currently, I’m looking for another job. I like working for my dad in his office a lot, but I need more than one source of income if I’m going to pay off student housing. I’m looking for jobs where people I know work. Not to work with them, but to lessen my anxiety about the job. You see, when I mess up at work now, I think it seems as if I don’t care when my dad talks to me about it. But I do. A lot. I get incredibly worked up about what an, “awful job” (my words, not his) I’m doing, and that he must think I’m an incompetent failure, and then I wait for him to leave the office, and I cry. I cry for a long time, and I think about all the mistakes I’ve made and how I’ve responded and how it must seem to them. Continue reading “Post #2: School’s Out! (4/28/17)”

Post #1: Why The Blog? (4/14/17)

I guess I should start out with some kind of introduction. Hello, my name is unimportant, I am 19 years old, and I am currently enrolled in my first year of college with ¬†an undecided major. As it is currently mid-April, the end of the school year is vastly approaching. Over the course of my first year of college, I’ve learned many things about myself and about other people. And those things are what led me to make this blog. Within the last year, I’ve become a very introspective person. I’ve done a lot of self-reflection, and sometimes it feels as though I have so many thoughts at once, I can’t keep them straight. That’s where the blog comes in. You see, by having this blog I feel as though I may be able to understand my emotions more clearly, and therefore process them better. Possibly leading to a better understanding of myself, as well as other people. Which is ultimately, what I want I guess. Continue reading “Post #1: Why The Blog? (4/14/17)”